Could it be? Is our favorite day of romance soon upon us? It sure is, and we couldn’t be more excited! If you’re looking to treat your special someone to something homemade and delicious, have we got some tips for you!   If you’ve made the decision for it to be homemade the baking is […]

Top Home Decorating Tips
November 13, 2014

Do you ever go over to a friend’s house and just think, “Wow… this person has got such great decorating style! I wish I could decorate my house this way.” You might even think they hired a decorator to create the look in their home, but realize that you don’t have the funds to do […]

The Joys of Youth
September 8, 2014

Being a kid-sometimes you loved it, sometimes you hated it. Life was full of adventures but it was full of frustrating times too. For example: Having to go to places you didn’t want to go: Up until you reached the age where you were allowed to be left in the house on your own, whenever […]

When the spring months come around, it is time for the micro ecosystems that exist in even the most modest of gardens to kick into gear. The buzz of activity is quite literally audible as plants and flowers flourish, the leaves appear on the trees and a whole host of creatures come out to play […]

Helping the Elderly Stay At Home
April 29, 2014

With care home bills seemingly set to continue rising, increasing numbers of people are looking to stay in their own homes. For elderly people with only minimal care needs, staying at home with a few small adjustments can be easy. Many older people would choose to stay in their own homes anyway, surrounded by their […]

There are some downsides to the life we all live these days that many people would agree with: We work really hard for long hours, we don’t have enough time away from our jobs we can sometimes lose sight of the importance of having fun. The thing is, we all have some free time – […]

The prospect of building your own doghouse for your furry friend really shouldn’t scare you too much. All in all, it’s a pretty basic DIY project, suitable for even the absolute beginner. This doesn’t mean you couldn’t use the extra help though, right? If you’re looking for exactly that, read on. Here are the basic […]

5 Fun Holiday Activities for Kids
January 13, 2014

The holidays are upon us, and it’s a truly magical season for children of all ages! If you’ve got little ones around, chances are they look forward with rapturous glee to the traditions of the holiday season. Here are some fun activities you can do with your kids to get them in the holiday spirit: […]

Top Tips for Online Dating
January 7, 2014

Online dating has opened up a whole new world for people looking for love, offering variety and freedom never before possible. However, for all its advantages, it also has the potential to trip up anyone new to the online dating scene. Save yourself some time by following the tips below to ensure that you do […]