Top Reasons To Get The Skis On This Winter
September 8, 2019

People often ask me why I ski, why I spend so much time in the cold of the Whistler snow and why do I spend so much money when I can end up getting injured. Well, here are 10 excellent reasons which answer all the doubters.

  1. The longest season of them all is winter. So the best way to break the dull winter days is get out and hit the slopes. Why be cold walking down the road when you can be knee deep in powder
  2. I much prefer my ski wear to my swim wear. Sometimes if I have overindulged on takeaways and not worked on my tan, hitting the beach for a winter holiday can be daunting.


  3. I get to scale great heights. I hop on a chair lift and I am transported to the top of stunning mountains which give me views of the world’s best landscapes – and I don’t have to climb up!
  4. I can stroll straight into the bar after a day out on the slopes. But if I have been mountain biking, hiking or swimming in the sea there’s no way I can go straight to the local hangout.
  5. It is a great workout. Skiers burn a lot of calories when they’re out on the slopes. Studies show that you can burn around 700 calories for every hour you spend on the slopes – it is much better than slaving away at the gym.11
  6. Anyone can try skiing so it’s easy to bring your family and friends along with you. You get to bond with your mates and create some life long memories.
  7. A ski holiday is the type you always want to do over and over again. I haven’t once heard anyone complaining that they have to go back to Whistler again this year.
  8. It is easy to make new friends when you go skiing. Everyone is super friendly and sociable, so even if you go alone you’ll never feel lonely. There’s even a special line in the lift queue for single skiers.Falls-Creek-3
  9. You can go as fast as you like. I know you need to have practiced a lot before you try to really up the speed. But the beauty is that you get to push your limits and feel the adrenaline start to pump.
  10. The Apres Ski – I will let you discover this for yourself. All I will say is that, you’ve never seen a party like an Apres Ski party.