Top Home Decorating Tips
November 13, 2014

Do you ever go over to a friend’s house and just think, “Wow… this person has got such great decorating style! I wish I could decorate my house this way.” You might even think they hired a decorator to create the look in their home, but realize that you don’t have the funds to do that right now! But actually, you can get a great look for your home without hiring professional help to do it. All it takes is a few simple tips to get your home decor from looking good to looking great. Here’s how:

Find funky pillows

Maybe you’re following some old traditional advice about getting pillows that match your sofas perfect. Bo-ring! Break out of the old habits and create some pizzazz in your living room. Innovative decorating mixes and matches pillows with funky designs to create fun flair and personality in your living room, and a cozy feeling.


Use candles

Not only are candles a great way to create a cozy ambiance and mood lighting, but they emit a delightful scent into the air that will leave everyone who visits you with an impression of good taste. Use Yankee candles for some high quality candles that smell great and will last for hours and hours of use.

Bigger furniture

When your room is filled with lots and lots of smaller furniture pieces, it can feel cluttered and random. But a few, bigger pieces helps a smaller room make the most of the space, and feel bigger. It also helps the room feel more put together. So instead of a few chairs, put a big comfy sofa in your living room, or make the most of a small bedroom by putting in a large comfortable bed.

Use wallpaper creatively

Wallpaper has an old-fashioned element that you might normally want to avoid when thinking about decorating your bathroom or kitchen. So instead, use this medium creatively! You can use wallpaper to creatively cover closet doors to create an unexpected fresh and funky look.

Use a rug in the bathroom

Many people opt for a bathmat in the bathroom to take care of wet messes. But rugs are actually made to withstand this kind of atmosphere, and will add a lot more comfort, enjoyment and decorative touch to your space. Find a nice large floor rug to cover the space in your bathroom that compliments your color scheme.