Making an oasis of fun in a garden room
April 6, 2014

There are some downsides to the life we all live these days that many people would agree with: We work really hard for long hours, we don’t have enough time away from our jobs we can sometimes lose sight of the importance of having fun.

The thing is, we all have some free time – it’s often about making the most of it. Sometimes that means doing something constructive (when are you going to write that novel or apply for that new job?) and sometimes, gloriously, it just means chilling out!

If you want to help maximise your chance of really embracing chill-out time at home, it could be a good idea to create a dedicated space that really focuses on fun.

Garden rooms, like the brilliant structures sold by Green Retreats, can offer a brilliant place to do this. When it comes to garden rooms, UK homes have started to invest and gain the benefits more and more over the years.

When you buy one of these for your outside space, you can have it made to a size that suits your needs, as well as the environment you’ve got to work with.

And when it comes to what to do with the space, there are a variety of options out there, such as these relaxing and fun options…

A cinema experience at home

A garden room could become your home cinema, a spot where you and your friends and family can check out the latest home movie releases in a dedicated space. Kit it out with tech like a sizeable screen and a great sound system, as well as some comfy and stylish seating and you’re away.

Want to make things extra fun? Why not invest in a popcorn maker to bring that authentic-feeling cinema snacking experience into the mix?

Gym time

Bring in the right equipment and your garden room can become a great home gym. Good for keeping yourself in shape and getting a change of pace after work, you’ll potentially have a place to work out mere meters from your home.

Why not install a big screen to make those work-out sessions all the more entertaining for yourself? You can jog along to your favourite film if you like!

Games room

There’s often nothing more relaxing than a trip to the pub for a couple of rounds of pool. Well if you’ve always wanted a pool table, why not install one in your garden room? Get your friends round and you can enjoy a tournament, without feeling the eyes of people queueing up for tables watching you! Other things you could consider for a games room include an arcade machine and a table tennis table.

Musical fun

Some people like nothing more than to enjoy a strum on the guitar or a go on the trumpet. But, with some instruments at least, it can be tricky to practice without potentially disturbing other people. Having a garden room that is exclusively for your musical hobby could help you beat this issue. Whenever you have the time, you’ll just need to hop across to your new space and start getting rid of the stress of the day, one note at a time!