The Joys of Youth
September 8, 2014

Being a kid-sometimes you loved it, sometimes you hated it. Life was full of adventures but it was full of frustrating times too. For example:


Having to go to places you didn’t want to go: Up until you reached the age where you were allowed to be left in the house on your own, whenever your parents had to go to somewhere incredibly boring like the Garden Centre or the DIY Shop, you had to tag along and mill around while they looked at various bits of equipment. I recall one particularly traumatic day in which a trip to B&Q lasted a soul destroying hour and a half. I can’t remember what it was we were attempting to buy, or whether we got what we came for, I just remember being very bored. A lot of adults would love to regress back to their relatively stress free childhood but should at least be thankful they no longer have to suffer the perils of a 90 minute trip to a DIY shop.

Parents are hypocrites. They left a glass of wine on the floor, you knocked it over, it was your fault for not looking where you were going and being so clumsy. If the situation was reversed and it was them knocking over the cup of juice you placed on the floor it was your fault for putting it there and completely not their fault for not being aware of their surroundings. Of course, if you spilled a drink when guests were around you’d get a ticking off. If a parent did the same it was “haha oh silly me! How clumsy!”

Bedtime often meant missing your favourite TV shows. As a child, as I still do as an adult, I enjoyed the football highlights show “Match Of The Day” however this started at around 10:30, way past my bedtime, which meant I had to rely on my father to set the video player to record the highlights-yes this was in the good old days of VHS players. Of course there were times where a recording did not take place, often at crucial points like the final day of the season.

Of course being a kid was not all trials and tribulations. For a start, as I touched upon earlier, life in the main was a lot less stressful than it is for an adult. You didn’t have to worry about finding a job or paying bills, or finances. Your biggest worries were things like whether you’d be allowed on the grass at playtime at school. You could play outside with your friends for house at a time and could experience such pleasures as slides, trampolines and bouncy castles. It was a sad moment in any child’s life when they passed the maximum age for enjoying an adventure playground.

You were fearless too. As a youngster, I climbed to an advanced point of a rather tall tree and sat there completely care free. If I tried it now, I’d probably be panicking about falling out and injuring myself. You had energy in abundance too and would be bounding around with youthful exuberance.

As a kid you often talked about how much you hated school and couldn’t wait to leave. You counted down until home time and longed for the summer holidays. Then one day you find yourself missing school and look back on it fondly, the laughs you shared with your classmates, the shenanigans you got up to.

As a child, you found yourself wanting the independence of adulthood. As an adult, you often yearn for the innocence of youth. If you have kids, why not take a look at some great cuponation offers on toys and games to enhance their formative years and make a multitude of happy memories.