Getting Rid of Nerves before Popping the Question
February 28, 2017

Asking for someone’s hand in marriage is never easy. You need to make sure that everything is perfect before you can finally ask the question. Sometimes, the thought of getting rejected is extremely overwhelming. This is what makes you really nervous. To avoid shaking when asking the question (as it is a major turn off), here are some tips that you should remember.


Think positive

You must always think of happy things. This makes you less nervous. Think of all the major events in your life when you felt really happy. In doing so, you will think of this proposal as an addition to those special moments and not something to be afraid of. Yes, she might reject you, but there is no good in thinking of it for now. After all, if you really love each other, you will feel more confident about her response.

Take a look at your photos together

It also helps if you look at your photos together as a couple. This could be the only thing you need to boost your confidence. If you see those photos where you are really sweet as a couple, you will be reminded that this marriage is meant to be. You are meant for each other and those photos are proof.

Practice what you will say

It also helps if you keep practicing at home. If you don’t want to memorize, it is fine. After all, you don’t want it to look like a prepared speech. It helps though that you have an outline of what to say and you practice so you won’t miss any important thoughts. Again, you have to be as natural as possible, but stuttering or forgetting words is not sexy.

Play online games

This could be the best way to calm you down. While on your way to the proposal venue, you can play online games so that you will be more relaxed. It helps if you have a way to release stress. Online casinos featuring Slots Games can help a lot. They will make you feel more comfortable about your environment. They will also prevent you from thinking negatively before the actual proposal. Your mind will at least be focused on just winning the game.

Once you have calmed down, it is time to face your fear and pop the question. Don’t forget to bring the best ring with you. There are engagement rings available online if you don’t have enough time to search locally. These choices are amazing and you won’t regret getting one online. Just make sure though that you request it in advance so that you won’t have a hard time receiving the item in time. Good luck with your proposal.


Image via (antpkr)