Fun Amusement Park Cities for Your Family
May 2, 2019

When going on vacation with your family it is easy to plan an amusement park vacation .There are several cities all over that have great parks and attractions to visit. While there are some that are more common than others, planning an amusement park trip is a breeze. Decide what park works best for your family and you will find that there are actually several locations to attend. Here are a few cities to consider when planning your next amusement park vacation.

Walt disney world


This is a hot spot for vacation destinations. There’s of course Disney World but there are several other great amusement parks to choose from. You can go see Shamu at Sea World or check out your favorite shows at Universal Studios. There are a lot of great parks in the area that can fit visitors of all ages. Water parks also abound in this bright and sunny part of Central Florida. Make sure you check out the amazing deals on Universal Orlando tickets, if you plan ahead you can get make some awesome savings.


You will find Six Flags over Georgia a fun and exciting theme park to visit. While visiting Atlanta you can also hit the Aquarium and the World of Coke all in one trip. These is a bustling city that offers amusement park adventures, museums and other cultural experiences. You will also find great shopping and other attractions close by.

San Diego

If you want to hit an amusement park on the beach then Belmont Park is where you should be. San Diego has beautiful beach line and a roller coaster altogether in one fun place. You will love the free parking and free park admission that is awaiting you in this exciting and unique place. You can ride the amusement rides or check out all the great midway games. Share a game of laser tag with friends before grabbing a bite to eat. You can also enjoy the beautiful California beach line while doing all this at once.

Los Angeles

If California is your style then you should hit Los Angeles and enjoy all that Six Flags has to offer. There’s also a location in Texas as well as Georgia. You can enjoy unique rides to the Los Angeles Magic Mountain theme park. No matter what your thrill level is there’s something for everyone there. You can enjoy thrills and spills on the roller coasters, water rides and the shows. You are sure to have a great time when you make this your vacation destination spot.

There are many places to take your family on a fun summer trip to a theme park. Whether you want to see the sites by driving or take the shorter route and fly, you will be sure to enjoy all the theme parks and towns have to offer. Be sure to plan your trip early to get the best deals. You can have excitement for all ages of the family. Get ready to have a fun time making memories with your family whether you are in Orlando or San Diego.