Family fundraising ideas
November 14, 2013

Getting together as a family to support a local charity or a cause close to your heart is a great way to spend some quality time together as well as raise some much-needed money. From joining a one-off organised event such as a family fun run to drumming up ongoing support for a community project, there are many ways in which you and your family can make a difference.

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From the imaginative to the traditional, fundraising has never been more fun. Encourage your children to get creative and consider ways in which they’d enjoy getting involved. While sponsored walks, cycles and runs encourage you to get active together they may not always be inclusive of all abilities, particularly if you have small children. So why not consider staging a few alternative events that will appeal to a broader audience and involve participants of all ages?

Community cinema occasions often attract a good turn-out. Consider hiring a space in your local school or town hall and stage a special screening of a favourite film. Ensure you charge an entry fee that not only covers the cost of the event but also earns a little extra for your cause. Sell snacks and homemade sweet treats and put the proceeds towards your fundraising total.

Raising funds with a raffle is a perennially popular activity. Your children can charm local businesses into donating prizes, assist on draw day and help deliver goods to the winners. Likewise, why not consider a lottery draw?

The Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Trust Flight for Life  Lottery has proven to be incredibly popular, providing a major source of income for the charity and paying out considerable sums in prize money. While a scheme on that scale may be a little too ambitious for family fundraising, a smaller set-up is still viable for ongoing community projects and there’s no reason why you can’t support these bigger efforts as part of your collective family fundraising.

Supporters pay a fixed subscription for a pre-set amount of numbered lottery tickets. Each numbered ticket is entered into a monthly draw and prizes are awarded. A percentage of the profits are given as prizes and the remainder to your chosen cause.

Children can help to design and sell the tickets and promote awareness of your fundraising cause with posters and other promotional paraphernalia. So enlist the help of your little ones and have fun whilst raising funds!