Easy to Make Treats for Valentine’s Day
January 31, 2016

Could it be? Is our favorite day of romance soon upon us? It sure is, and we couldn’t be more excited! If you’re looking to treat your special someone to something homemade and delicious, have we got some tips for you!


If you’ve made the decision for it to be homemade the baking is going to be your best bet. While there aren’t any recipes that can provide you with love potion quality baked goods, we recommend sticking to what you know and adding your own Valentine’s day flair.


Heart Shaped Cookies

One of the easiest ways to treat that special someone is by baking cookies, early in the morning if you can so they wake up to the smell. Choose their favorite flavors and recipes and get to work. Once you’ve made the dough and are ready to bake, get some heart shaped cookie cutters and bake some hearts instead. A dollop of a jam, maybe strawberry or even rose on the top, sprinkle with icing sugar and a basic treat just became a special one.


Heart Shaped Cake

This next tip actually came to me by way of a male friend after he used Groupon coupons to find his girlfriend the perfect present and wanted to match it with a heart shaped cake however wasn’t sure he was going to use a heart shaped tin in the future. Apparently he never repeats the same idea twice (aww!)


Take out your regular small square and small round tin and make a cake in each. Once completed, turn the square cake so that a point faces down, cut the round cake in half and attach it to each flat top of the square. Cover it with a delicious white chocolate icing, lightly sprinkle some pink cake dust or your favorite cake toppings and get ready for the appreciation to flow.


Let’s finish with dessert, because if there’s one thing that any valentine enjoys, it’s dessert! For this we recommend sticking with the classics such as chocolate covered strawberries. But don’t feel limited to strawberries – if that special someone likes chocolate however prefers another fruit, don’t be afraid to dip it in. Just be sure to use a melting chocolate when preparing and leave enough time for them to cool in the fridge before the surprise.


Being romantic in the kitchen isn’t difficult, you just need the right tips – and with these tips that special someone is sure to know how you feel about them on that special day.