Developing a sense of value in children
September 19, 2013

Are you a connoisseur who appreciates craftsmanship and quality and are looking to instill the same values in your children? There is nothing wrong with teaching children to see beauty in high-quality luxury items. While some experts may call it “spoiling,” buying quality clothes and toys for children can be a way to help ensure that they will appreciate luxury items later.

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However, there are a few ways you can help your children learn to appreciate these lovely items instead of expect them. Here are some ways to help instill a sense of value in children.


Model appreciation

As parents, your goal should be to model behaviors that you feel are appropriate. Therefore, if you want your children to appreciate luxurious gifts and treats, show them how to be appreciative. You can do this by always saying ‘thank you’ for even the smallest favors, or by teaching them how to write ‘thank you’ cards.


Emphasize sharing and generosity

Encourage your kids to be generous and share their toys. While this may be difficult for younger children, nobody likes a kid who has everything and refuses to share. You can also try to teach kids about being modest and not bragging about their worldly goods.

You can also help encourage kids to share their discerning eye for quality when it comes to buying gifts (within reason) for friends and family. For example, you can help them shop stylish gifts for babies if your family knows someone who is expecting. That way, they cannot only see the value in sharing these luxurious items with others, but they can also help choose the gift and practice thinking of others.


Help them with care and upkeep

If you have luxury items in your house, let your kids see that you care for these items in a serious way. For example, show them how to wash the car, clean a pair of designer shoes, clean the antique furniture. As your children get older, they can also help. But it is important to show your children that expensive, luxury items are worth investing time and care in, because if the items get ruined then they’re too expensive to replace.


Show how these values can apply in other areas of life

Quality doesn’t just apply to items. It can also apply to responsibilities like homework or housekeeping. Therefore, help your kids translate these values into other areas of their lives. For example, if you show that you value quality and hard work, then hopefully your kids will pick up that vibe and work extra hard to perform their duties and responsibilities to the absolute best of their abilities. 


What are some other ways to help children appreciate quality without spoiling them rotten? Sound off in the comments below!