Antarctica – A Travel Dream
January 20, 2017


What are the main things we look forward to when we book a holiday? The sights, the experience, the location and for me it’s always the adventure. If you like all of the above then there’s no other place to look than Antarctica, that’s because it has absolutely everything! A cruise to Antarctica is the trip of a lifetime and one that will always live long in the memory.


It can often seem like a dream thinking about visiting the South Pole, but it’s very possible indeed and I cannot recommend the place enough to people who ask me about it. My cruise to Antarctica has to be one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life. It’s one of the places where you can truly escape your everyday life, all the hustle and bustle of the big city. So why did I love it so much and why do I think you should be heading there as soon as possible?


When you think of the South Pole the first word that springs to mind instantly is adventure – adventure is at the very soul of an Antarctic holiday. You’re not heading all the way there just to roll out a towel and bathe on the beach all day, that’s for sure. Once you’re there you’ll be kayaking, hiking and basically getting to explore one of the world’s most untouched places.


Well, I am sure you didn’t think that I’d be writing about the cold temperature there. Of course, it’s a given, the temperature is going to be some of the coldest you’ll have ever experienced. Don’t see the cold as a negative to the trip, I found that the cold weather somehow rejuvenated my brain and made me think much clearer about things. Make sure you have all the right gear to wear to keep you warm, your tour company will advise you on all of this, but you’ll definitely always feel that lovely cold chill. The body is an amazing thing and you’ll be surprised how quickly you acclimatize and then look back at how the Antarctic chill was one of the best parts of your trip.

Be A Part Of History

Antarctica is far and also has such extreme weather conditions that means not many people visit – very few people have ever visited the continent. In short this means that your holiday makes you part of Antarctica’s history. On most other holidays you’ll be looking at things that many people have visited, built and established a long time ago – when you’re in Antarctica you become part of the history.

It’s the trip of a lifetime and one you cannot afford to miss, it’s certainly in one of my top destinations in the world.